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Lenovo Thinkplus X15 Pro Earphone Wireless Bluetooth 5.4 OWS Waterproof Sport Headsets Noise Reduction Headphones with Mic

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✅Product advantages:

Bluetooth 5.4: The most powerful Bluetooth version, high stability, low power consumption, ultra-fast connection and ultra-long battery life.

Open design: Ergonomic curved design, made of highly elastic material, will not hurt your ears for long-term use.

Intelligent call noise reduction: Advanced DNS noise reduction algorithm solves the core problem of OWS and enables high-definition calls.

HiFi sound effect: directional silicon composite titanium diaphragm speaker and high-power public amplifier create an unquestionable listening experience.

3D holographic stereo sound: The unique cavity structure of the headphones makes it comfortable to wear and solves the problem of sound leakage.

Music/game dual mode: switch between two modes with one click, ensuring a stable connection while ensuring audio and video synchronization at all times.

✅Product Details:

Product model: Lenovo X15 PRO

BT Version: BT5.4

Charging interface: Type-c

Operation mode: touch control

Rechargeable battery life: 30 hours

Charging time: 1.5 hours

Communication distance: 10m (no obstacles)

Supported systems: iOS/Android/Windows

Battery capacity (MAH): single earphone*40mAh, charging box*300mAh

✅First connection: After the earphones are fully charged, take out the earphones, hear 4 beeps, and the earphones turn on. After turning on the phone, turn on the phone's bluetooth, search for "Lenovo thinkplus X15pro", then click pairing. After pairing is successful, you will hear a "beep" sound.

(When the phone has a pairing record, next time you take out the headset, turn on the phone's Bluetooth and it will connect immediately.)

✅Smart touch operation guide:

Click Headphones: turn music off/on

Double tap left/right earphone: decrease/increase volume

Triple click left/right earphone: previous/next song

Click the headset when there is an incoming call: answer the call

Press and hold the headset for 2 seconds when there is an incoming call: reject the call

Long press the touch area of the headset for more than 2 seconds: open the voice assistant

Press and hold the multifunction button for 2 seconds to enter game mode, and the prompt will “beep” twice. Press and hold again to enter music mode, and the prompt will sound "ding dong".

✅Package includes:

2 * Bluetooth headsets

1 * Rope

1 * Charging case

1 * USB data cable

1 * User Manual

✅Note: Because everyone has different habits in using headphones, if you encounter problems during use, please contact customer service for professional help.

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