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Ultra Wide Angle Camera Lens For Mobile Phone

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The advantage of this lens is its ultra-wide angle capability, allowing you to capture more of the scene than your standard camera lens. This means no more cutting off important details in your photos - everything will be included in the frame.

Not only does this lens provide a wider angle, but it also comes with a built-in Macro lens for capturing close-up shots with incredible clarity. You can now take sharp and detailed pictures as close as 2 inches away from your subject.

The benefits of using our Ultra Wide Angle Camera Lens are endless. You'll be able to elevate your photography game by adding depth and dimension to your images. Plus, the all-metal construction ensures durability and safe keeping for the lens.

Made of aluminum alloy and optical glass, this lens is both sturdy and reliable. With a front end diameter of 49mm and available in Black or Rose Gold, it's compatible with most mobile phones on the market.

Say goodbye to limited angles and hello to expansive views with our Ultra Wide Angle Camera Lens for Mobile Phone. Elevate your photography experience today!