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The Future of Gaming: VR and Specialized Headsets

The Future of Gaming: VR and Specialized Headsets

As traditional gaming going through an evolving phase, VR and headsets are gradually climbing up the horizon. Amazing technological advancements are taking us to the future of gaming by accommodating users in an immersive gaming experience. And headsets are leading the charge, literally. Sales wise, ‘according to a Statista report, global virtual reality (VR) headset sales clocked in at 5.5 million units in 2020 alone, currently growing in popularity.’

1 Headsets also compete with each other, ‘wireless headset are preferred by a 67% margin by gamers for the unrestricted movement.’

2 Over the ear or per ear? ‘62% of gamers prefer over-ear headphones for an immersive gameplay with a clear audio.’

3 As rightly said by Brendan Iribe, co-founder of Oculus VR, ‘VR will be huge in a few years. It’s not if, it’s when.’

4 And when we leap into, manufacturers’ head are sliding into specialized headsets as gaming is evolving into a different form. Not to forget, brand headsets are also trying to collaborate with VR for a bigger gaming experience, thanks to game developers and tech giants like Apple and Google.

5 Since comfort is a key factor to consider now, demand is rising for high-quality noise cancellation and a surround sound experience; the two vital ingredients of a great gaming experience.

To conclude, VR and special headsets are shaping the future of gaming as it’s going to be immersive and ingeniously interactive. The next time you are caught in a dilemma between a stereo and a VR headset, you are not just buying a piece of hardware but a key to the gaming experience of the upcoming times.

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