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The Ideal Fit: Customizing your Headset Experience

The Ideal Fit: Customizing your Headset Experience

If you’re a gamer, you know as much as anyone that a superior headset is a necessity and not a luxury. In a fast-action world where a split-second advantage can mean the difference between ‘game over’ and ‘victory’ at hand, finding the perfect headset is paramount. With so many choices – from wireless headset to noise cancelling headset, not to mention the myriad of brand name headsets – the options can feel overwhelming, like wandering through a maze. Let’s take a minute to customise your headset experience to find a great fit. 

we started by ranking sound quality as the most important overall consideration in purchasing a headset according to a recent study by New York University’s Stern School of Business). Then we tack on other more specific details.

Bluetooth headset or wired headset: This boils down to your preference and convenience. If you don’t like cords dangling around and would rather hop on a call while cleaning up your room, or you tend to move a lot while gaming, you might want a wireless headset. If you prefer zero latency and don’t need to be mindful about battery life, you might want a corded headset.

Over-ear headset or in-ear headset? Over-ear headset can surround the ear fully so it will deliver a better sound and better gaming experience. Meanwhile, in ear headset or earphone will give you more mobility and fewer heat which is great for a long game.

Surround sound headset Vs Hi-fi headset: A surround sound headset would normally provide more realistic sound, a huge factor if you spend more time playing games that are highly filled with environmental sounds. Whereas, a Hi-fi headset would generally provide clear and high-quality sound, usually better with music-filled games or professional use.

As the professional gamer and streamer Ninja puts it: ‘Your equipment is a reflection of how serious you are about the game.’ So if you’re shopping around, you owe it to yourself (and your eyes and ears) to get it right. Don’t rush into a purchase. Weigh comfort and sound quality equally.

And at the end of the day the best headset for you is the one that makes your gaming sessions better and more fun by getting you immersed in the game without spending way too much resources on it. Strap on your headgear and get ready for some in-game action unlike never before!


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